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How to Choose a Credit Card for Maximum Pay Flexibility

How to Choose a Credit Card for Maximum Pay Flexibility

You’ve been saving money for a long time so you could finally buy that mattress you’ve always wanted. Yet despite all your hard work, your budget still hasn’t reached that level yet. And with added expenses, you can’t imagine it ever surpassing that mark.

Sure, you could simply pay for your purchase with a credit card and save yourself the hassle. But with fixed payment options, how can you handle paying the price over a period of time?

That’s where credit cards with flexible plans come in handy!

How to Choose a Credit Card

Just because you don’t have the money at hand to pay for an expensive purchase, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream altogether. There are plenty more financial startups and companies that offer customers the chance to avoid paying the cost upfront by providing them with a charge card that comes with a flexible payment option!

Quite practical, these cards with flexible payment options can be very useful in two ways:

  • When you can’t pay off the total bill of your card each month, a flexible payment plan gives extra time to help pay off your purchases
  • If you want a choice between paying no interest and earning rewards, the payment plan allows you to forgo any incentives in lieu of the no-interest offer and vice versa

Flexible Payment Options – American Express

While there are plenty more cards and options out there, if you want a trusted name, American Express is usually the choice to go with.

The largest provider of cards that come with flexible payment choices, American Express gives the option to get a second charge card from the provider.

You have to qualify for a program known as the “Pay Over Time” which lets you select your purchases in the next few months, and your account has to be active and open and you have to have been in good standing in the past year. But with such easy qualifications, it’s no wonder American Express is also the most popular choice out there.

However, this doesn’t mean that other contenders can’t hold their own!

Different Card Choices

With Amex credit cards, you get three options on the list; Pay Over Time, Plum Card and Amazon bonus rewards.

Pay Over Time is not just an optional choice, it’s offered through an invitation alongside business and personal charge cards. Though they have a smaller payoff limit, (you can choose to pay over $100 after the due date on your statement) other card choices like the Plum Card® and Amazon cards provide even more incentives, so some consider them a better choice.

With a Plum Card, you get 10 extra days after the due date on the statement as well as a 1.5 percent discount. But with the Amazon cards, they take their services one step further. With the Amazon Business and Amazon Business Prime credit cards, you not only earn when you purchase anything at Amazon Web Services, Amazon.com, Amazon Business, and Whole Foods, you receive additional 60 – 90 days after the date of purchase to pay the sum before accruing interest.

Signing Up for a Flexible Payment Plan

Even though it’s a smart choice, it always pays to read the fine print whenever you sign up for anything. If you can’t understand any factor of the terms and conditions, ask. And shop around for the best price before you decide on a card.

Why Opt for Flexible Payment Plans

While you can just as easily accumulate debt through a flexible payment plan, where this option stands out as the better choice from others is through its manageability.

The main reason why flexible payment plans have become popular is through the ease of managing one’s cash flow. With regular plans, you pay the full price, no matter if you can afford to lose such an amount. But with flexible payment plans, it becomes easier for habitual spenders to balance their accounts without losing money to support their cause and lifestyle. You borrow money that you need, and you gather the money within the deadline. At the same time, you don’t stress yourself out because you know that especially with a flexible plan, you pay a smaller, more manageable amount each month.

So in essence, the payment plan works as a plan B. You use your card as much as you want, but with the payment, you don’t worry that you’ll run out money by just paying the bills.

Important Pointers

It’s necessary to take out a credit card that allows flexibility in the long run, especially in terms of supplementation and refinancing. Also, one that comes with a refinancing calculator, such as this student loan refinance calculator. These will allow you to streamline your financial employee benefits and start investing.


Companies in the U.S. are gaining momentum in providing their customers with better installment options. But for now, Amex is taking the lead overall.

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