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Best Store Credit Cards for New Employees

Best Store Credit Cards for New Employees

Many customers often inquire about store credit cards, and how they are different from regular credit cards. Putting it simply, store credit cards are simply cards that are made on a partnership with a specific retail brand.

These cards are not those by which you can purchase items on credit basis. As a matter of fact, store credit cards offer local shoppers a bunch of discounts, rewards, points, etc. which they can avail. Brands also avail this aspect as a means of maintaining loyalty with their customer base, which is why you should consider them if you’re wondering how to choose a credit card, or how to start investing.

Let us take an example: you may get a one off discount as a bonus/reward for signing up for the store credit card offered. But that is just a sign up bonus; you still get rewards stapled with the card.

Companies can provide their employees with the best store credit cards as a part of fringe employment benefits. If you are looking for the best credit cards in department stores, in order to save and get the best benefits, here are the five credit cards you should consider when making your purchases.

You should keep in mind that if you don’t constantly shop at the store, it probably wouldn’t be a good decision to get a credit card. Since most of these cards charge annual fees and interest. In the same way, it is not advisable to have many credit cards since this can lower your credit score, and you would be indebted. It is important to note that in order to apply to the credit cards of department stores, you will need to have good credit and a stable salary.

1. Target REDCard

If you go shopping at Target regularly, you should consider the Target REDCard to get a 5% discount on your purchases. The discount is automatically applied to purchases when you make them. You do not have to accumulate rewards or deliver coupons or certificates to receive the benefit. However, the discount does not apply to prescriptions and optical exams. In addition, with the card, you can get the shipping in 2 days free on some items and 5% discount on Starbucks found in Target.

On the other hand, when you get the card, you will have 30 additional days to return the items. The annual percentage rate of the Target REDCard is 25.15% APR and has no annual fee.

2.  Amazon Reward Visa

It is one of the best store credit cards In order to obtain the card from Amazon (Amazon Prime Rewards Visa) will get 5% cashback on all purchases made at Amazon .com and WholeFoods. In addition, as it is Visa, you can use the card in different restaurants, shops, gas stations, and pharmacies. If you use them in restaurants, you could get a 2% refund. You can also make purchases at other online stores that accept it as a payment method such as WholeFoods. At this time, if your application is accepted, you can receive a gift card to buy from Amazon, valued at $70.

3. Costco

Card of Costco is one of the best store credit cards to make purchases at wholesale. To get the card, you need to have Costco membership, which is at least $60 a year. Some of the benefits of the Citibank Costco Anywhere Visa card are 4% cash reimbursement on eligible gas purchases, 3% cash reimbursement in restaurants, and 2% cash reimbursement on all Costco purchases. The refund will be given in a certificate, which can be exchanged for cash at Costco or for merchandise.

4. Best Buy

With the Best Buy credit card, you can choose between 5% in rewards or flexible financing. With flexible financing, you can decide the term to pay the debt. For example, if you spend more than $200, you can decide between 6 to 12 months. On the other hand, you can receive 3% cash reimbursement on eligible gas purchases, 2% cash reimbursement in restaurants, and 1% cash reimbursement on purchases. The current annual percentage rate starts at 25.49% at 30.24% APR.

5. Lowe’s

With Lowe’s credit card, you will get excellent benefits such as a 5% discount on selected items or promotional financing that the store has at the time of purchase. This card is an excellent choice if you frequently buy at Lowe’s and want to get more rewards for your purchases.

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