What is Market Force Analysis™ ( MFA™)

The MFA TM is a revolutionary technique for analyzing and forecasting the trends in futures markets (patent pending). It is used in conjunction with another proprietary technique, Equilibrium Regressional Analysis (ERA), to reliably predict the start and end of bull and bear markets and to indicate appropriate buying and selling points in the progression of such markets. The products we currently offer are:

We offer bulletins issued every 15 days on the following commodities:
• Gold & Silver (also includes an analysis of the HUI Index)

The bulletins discuss and identify the short term and long term trends and give trade recommendations. For more information see the “catalog”.
We have analyzed over 160 gold and silver junior mining companies with strict criteria to identify the sixteen we consider are the best selection over a defined risk spectrum and at low cost per resource ounce.

These high quality juniors offer superb potential for significant appreciation. Access to our recommendations is only available to subscribers to our Gold & Silver
MFA-ERA service.

Subscribers will be given the username and password to access the “Junior Mining Company Hot List” of recommendations on the last page of our bi-weekly bulletin.
Click to access the Junior Mining page.
Adrian Douglas' presentation at the August 2011 Gold Conference in London part 1
also posted on youtube:
Adrian Douglas' presentation at the August 2011 Gold Conference in London part 2
also posted on youtube:
Adrian Douglas was interviewed on March 5 by http://www.FutureMoneyTrends.com
and you can listen to the interview in two parts at
Adrian Douglas has recently been interviewed on FOX Business News, Money Rocks. Also posted on youtube:

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